- Formafantasma for Lobmeyr

Seventy percent of our earth’s surface consists of water, of which a 2,5 percent belongs to our freshwater supplies. In collaboration with the Viennese company J. & L. Lobmeyr, Formafantasma designed a series of objects, instruments and tools that can purify water. The designed objects transform this practice of water purification into a daily, almost religious ritual. The set of objects consist of a surprising combination of copper, crystal and activated charcoal. Both the materials as well as the aesthetics of the objects make them desirable for utilisation. The objects are almost reminiscent of a religious experience, because of the subtle engravings and design. Still encourages the user to participate in the purification process. In this way, people might become more aware of their daily water usage. The Italian design duo Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin used two different engravings on the objects; one representing a microscopic image of bacteria found in rivers, the other representing a 19th century water organism with a skeleton of silicate, the main substance of glass.