- Robertina Šebjanič

Two third of all fish species living in the Dutch freshwater belong to a group of ‘hearing specialists’ and are highly sensitive for sound. This group, among many others, will experience the negative effects of the increasing underwater noise nuisance. In general, the effects of noise pollution on the aquatic ecology are still obscure. Noise pollution is, among others, caused by off-shore industry, construction activity, fishery, and water sports. In the artistic project Aquatocene, Robertina Šebjanič investigates the impact of noise pollution on the aquatic ecosystem in lakes, rivers and seas. Since 2016 Šebjanič travels all around the world to record the noise nuisances that are found in our waters. Her large database of sound, that is still growing, have set the starting point for her audiovisual performances and installations. With her project, Šebjanič aims to open up a discussion about the aquatic ecology and the noise pollution that is occurring. She presented different performances and installations and gave several workshops in which she will took her participants on an expedition. An installation of Aquatocene can be seen in the exhibtion in CID aud Grand Hornu, Belgium.