- Studio Sway  (NL)

The recent drought in her native South Africa prompted designer Shaakira Jassat from Studio Sway to enrich architecture and public space with the Aquatecture project. The water supplies in the western city of Cape Town are normally replenished during the winter months (April to September), but this has been insufficient for three years in a row. As a consequence, residents face major problems. Aquatecture panels are designed to collect falling rainwater and function as facade panels on buildings or as individual water harvesting installations in public spaces. Due to the vertical position of the panels, the water that drips over the open structure is collected and transported to a storage tank. The water can then be pumped into the gray water system, or stored, purified for later use. Due to its compact shape, Aquatecture can be integrated into the shell of the architecture. The buildings are thus able to provide its residents with water needs and cooling. The panel, if needed, can also be installed as a free-standing water harvesting installation in the specific area. Shaakira has reinvented a traditional practice into something that is compact and easy to implement.