Fog Farms

- Creating Water Foundation

The Creating Water Foundation helps communities worldwide that have no access to safe drinking water. The Fogfarm is an installation in which the local community harvests its own water, which also serves the local agriculture. The freshwater supplies, which are often transported by truck, are made redundant. The people can let their crops grow, hereby supporting the local economy and feeding the people in their community. The installation consists of sustainable and relatively cheap materials, spanning nets in between poles. These nets are connected to the irrigation system and storage tanks. The yield per installation is dependent on the density of the fog, wind speed- and angle, and the material substance of the gauze. The wind pushes mist through the gauze, then the water condensates, leaving drips of water on the surface, which is then led through a system of tubes. The tubes are connected to the storage tanks situated on a lower terrain. A good day yields 400 litres per Fogfarm net and can go up to 6000 litre per installation. The Creating Water Foundation is founded by Dutch Neil Willard, Daniel Meeboer and Guido Martin.