- Frederik de Wilde  (BE)

Traditionally, fish have also been used as toxic receptors in risk waters. When the state and behavior of the fish changes, it is a sign of the possible presence of toxic substances. EOD04 is a new media installation that collaborates with fish species that perceive the environment by means of electrical signals and therefore communicate with each other. The fish send electrical signals through the water in the form of pulses and waves. The project investigates the electrode detection and communication mechanisms of weakly electric fish. What happens in the communication (and non-communication) between individual fish, but also between fish and people? The installation consists of plexiglass tubes with an integrated audio system and electrical tracing device. Each tube contains a series of sensors that can pick up the fish signals, which are directly connected to two speakers that convert these signals into sound. What the viewer hears is the electro-communication and detection device of fish. Furthermore, LED lighting has been placed in each tube, whereby the light follows the position of the fish. The sound can be fed from the tubes via a stereo mini jack.