Fossiled Waterness


Fossiled Waterness investigates the quality of drinking water and the relationship with the pollution of our drinking water by fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are burned, nitrogen oxides are released into the atmosphere and our lungs. The nitrogen oxides also precipitate in nature, also called deposition, which leads to impoverishment of the soil and vegetation. This pollution also contributes to the formation of smog and acid rain, resulting in pollution of the sky and ground water. The installation consists of a large glass table full of “luxurious-looking” crystal drinking glasses of various shapes. The glasses are half-filled with water and each contains active coal, which is capable of cleaning water. The table is located in a dark room and lighting creates reflections all around. The glasses full of water are aesthetically pleasing and inviting, but impossible to drink. With Fossiled Waterness CTRLZAK creates a moment of reflection in which form follows meaning  (“form follows function”). It forces us to some reflection on human actions, the state of the planet and the consequences of action.