I can hear the waves

- Niels Stomps (NL)

I Can Hear The Waves is a photo series that deals with the relationship between science and man doing research in remote areas with extreme conditions. The photo series portrays a deserted archipelago between Norway and the North Pole in Spitsbergen. The location of Spitsbergen is 78 degrees north latitude, making it the world›s northernmost permanently inhabited settlement. The island is literally cut off from the rest of the world by sea or ice. The inhabitants of Svalbard did not arrive by accident, many have consciously chosen to leave civilisation behind. The rhythm of nature is so dominant that you have no choice but to adapt. Man›s adaptive behaviour is a recurring theme in his projects, which he tries to shed light on in various ways by means of photo series. For instance, he captures how people react to sociological changes, but also to changes in our climate and environment. Mining has always been the main source of income for the inhabitants of Svalbard. Nowadays, scientific research is also a source of income. Several installations scattered around the island refer to the research carried out there. It has become a place where scientists research the (possible) future of mankind in relation to water, ice and its conditions with melting ice caps.