Micro Water Structures

- Jólan van der Wiel

Due to the changes in our climate, drought and water nuisance will have an even greater influence on our lives. In the high northern hemisphere, for example, there will be a wetter climate in winter and a warmer and drier climate in summer; a development that is already noticeable. Water scarcity, pollution and temperature and sea level rise require a new approach to water management. In “Micro Water Structures”, Jólan van der Wiel examines how we can anticipate future water-related issues and explores the viability of other scenarios. The work, a sculptural installation that depicts an off-grid but newly connected network of water supply in an urban environment, is based on a symbiosis between rainwater and architecture. The sculpture investigates a system that stores, can purify, transport and redistribute water. At the same time, Jólan van der Wiel’s design plays with the entertaining role that water takes in our lives, visible in structures such as fountains or swimming pools. The installation is a “conversation piece” and makes it possible to discuss and reconsider our way of dealing with water and by making our current ecosystem a topic of discussion and reconsideration.