Water Futures

- Jane Withers Studio (UK)

Where Will The Water Come From? It is clear that the ways in which water is currently managed are no longer sustainable. We are heading into a future with several layers of problems. The use and abuse of this crucial resource must be radically revised. A more responsible and also imaginative approach is desirable. The Water Futures project has emerged from experimental research over a period of more than a decade. It gathers perspectives from different regions and fields of expertise. Water Futures shares knowledge, networks and provides opportunities for designers to explore and respond to the water crisis. Some of the projects shown here originated from the Water Futures research programme set up by Jane Withers Studio at the A/D/O design centre in New York in 2018-2019. It brings together talented designers, scientists, ecologists, activists and visionaries to explore approaches and create possible solutions to one of the most pressing environmental problems. The next phase is to create a long-term permanent platform for Water Futures.