When is it that we can feel change in the air?

- Lennart Lahuis (NL)

Lennart Lahuis uses a wide range of techniques to subject text and images to all kinds of natural processes such as evaporation, erosion and combustion. In this exhibition we see a new installation in which words magically appear in water vapor from objects. The objects on display stem from research into Le Grand-Hornu’s past as a workshop for steam engines in the 19th century. It is part of a series in which Lahuis repeatedly shows the unique, but often unnoticeable, relationship with water that characterizes the place where it flows and exists. The work makes a subtle connection between the history of LeGrand Hornu and the start of the Industrial Age, which is so closely linked to the origins of climate change and the disruption of ecological systems. Supported by: Mondriaan Fund and Stichting Stokroos.